Utilizing the services

Career Fair offers job preparation and tips

Eighty percent of all job openings aren’t advertised; most people get jobs through recommendation. Three Career Fairs are happening throughout the week as a chance for students and alumni to meet future employers.

Ferris State University’s Career Services Spring 2012 Career Fair is held throughout the week of March 26-30. The community event is an opportunity for students to learn skills that will prepare them for their future career. There are three Career Fairs during Career Week: Virtual Public Service Career Fair, Healthcare Career Fair and Business and Technology Career Fair. Many top employers are participating in these events including Goodman, Enterprise, Buhler and Walbridge.

Career Services is on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Career Services is hosting a foursquare campaign for Career Week.  They will also be giving away three Kindle Fires during the week — one at each Career Fair.  Career Services wants students to hear about the prizes and realize the benefit of attending at least one event during Career Week, and then hopefully attend and tell their friends. 

Angie Roman, coordinator of Career Services at Ferris, believes the Fall 2012 Career Fair will gain more attention and allow more of a variety of career events for students at every academic level.

“Today’s competitive economy, no matter what career you are going into, requires students to be better prepared. This means getting good grades, completing an internship, participating in community service, involvement with student groups, student employment and more,” Roman said. “If a student isn’t aware of this, they will not be as competitive.”

Associate professor in advertising Thomas Mehl mentioned the three levels of benefits that come from attending career fairs. Students are being proactive and working to make things happen instead of waiting for them. Mehl said being involved and talking with employers is a chance to network and make contacts, which gives students the chance to practice their meet and greet presentation skills.

“Presentation is everything,” Mehl said. “You are constantly making impressions everyday to people who they may one day work with or even for.”

Mehl said often time students refer to “When I begin my career I will…” However, he stressed in a very stern manner the importance that students realize they are in their career now. Students should treat college as though it is their job. Mehl said what students are doing now is a way to prepare for the future and their career.

Even though a company may not be hiring for the desired position he or she is hoping for, often employers will know people within that field who are hiring and be able to provide contact information to companies looking for students to hire in that specific position or market.

“Everybody knows everybody,” Mehl said. “If students understand their career now, their approach will be more direct, focused and professional. It will serve a purpose.”

Career Services wants students to do at least one thing for their career during Career Week, and if they do that, it was successful. 

Melissa Hanson, a FSU junior in accounting and finance and event planning professional trainee for Career Services, said, “Our hope is that every student, alumni, faculty, staff and administrator will do something for their future career or help someone else with their career plans.”

Career Services has developed a Career Fair Student Preparation Guide. For more information, contact Career Services at ext. 2685 or CareerServices@nullferris.edu. For more information on learning how to prepare, attend and volunteer for the Career Fair, visit ferris.edu/careerservices.