Torch Top 5

1) This has got to be the world’s most attractive tree. I would love to know what substance this girl decided to swallow.

2) This article says that it will cost taxpayers and the government more to support someone between the age of 15-24 who isn’t working or in college.
The Atlantic

3) Going to the big city and want to hit as many bars as possible? says it will provide a safe way to get absolutely hammered in most big cities.

4) The repeal of this law in WI spells trouble. What does it means? If you’re being paid less because you’re a woman, black, Jewish, gay, or just a dude with a bad haircut, there’s not a lot you can do about it according to Wisconsin.
Huffington Post

5) A mega-millions “winner” now claims that she lost a ticket. Guess what? I lost that same ticket too!