Torch Music Review April 18, 2012

Paper Planecrash- Demo Tracks

    Big Rapids natives Paper Planecrash takes a forgotten sound and dredges it up from the depths of the river’s murky bottom and call it “grunge.” The iconic word and genre for a lot of bands from the 90s is a perfect fit for this band created 20 years after the phenomenon. Paper Planecrash sounds like Pearl Jam without Vetter. The lyrics are pointed at a lot of very relatable things, namely the state of Michigan. Many local and cultural references are made throughout. The lead vocalist reminds me of Chris Brown of the band Trapt. I enjoy hearing the local references and find myself laughing and sighing about their truth all at once. The songs aren’t very tight, and in a few tracks I can hear where the rhythm and lead sections separate and lose each other. Paper Planecrash has played several places in Big Rapids, such as the Sawmill and Shooters. Each time they’ve proven that sometimes if a demo isn’t the greatest, the live performance can be. I recommend going to see them at one of their upcoming shows. Find them on Facebook or Reverbnation.