Finding our potential

As the end of the semester approaches, Ferris State University’s 2012 graduating class is preparing to take a step forward into a new beginning. Graduation is not only a right of passage for college students, but also a time to reflect on our journey into adulthood.

The supporting people and steps we have chosen that have helped us journey from orientation to commencement have become an integral part of the development of our maturity these past few years.

Successfully earning a college education means much more than having the ability to memorize historical facts or earn high tests scores; it’s having the ability to utilize the information we’ve learned about the world in order to gain a better understanding of ourselves.

The understanding of ourselves is what helps us establish our future goals. The destination of our ideals is determined by the potential we see in ourselves.

It’s that potential that allows us to evaluate our self perception, discover new ways to channel our creativity and determine the impact we want to make on our society.

Some FSU graduates will begin new careers, while others will continue into graduate school. No matter where your goals take you, a college education should allow you to travel the path in confidence.

Though a college degree symbolizes the academic completion of an institution’s educational requirements, our learning must continue beyond the classroom. Education is a lifelong expedition and is not limited to the walls of a university. It’s not only dictated by the books we choose to read, but also the people we encounter every day and the experiences that influence our way of thinking.

Therefore, commencement should not be a celebration of the end of our learning, but rather the beginning of a life more aware of the potential we possess to achieve our dreams.