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Release The Crimson

Wyoming, Michigan band Release The Crimson brings an in-your-face mantra and brutally honest sound to the greater Grand Rapids area. True metal, leaded, fully loaded, heavy and haunting. Release The Crimson’s sound will stay in your head for hours after you’re done listening. The guitar work is catchy and at the same time very original. Solos don’t overshadow the concept of the song like they can in many metal bands. Release The Crimson blends together like milk and chocolate, and tastes just as good to the metal-head’s musical pallet. The one and only complaint I had was the screaming- it was proven in several tracks such as “Addicted” that there are pipes there, and they could be used. The screaming can sound a bit screechy sometimes. When I listen to metal, I like to hear the lyrics, not a nagging crow in my ear. If you like your metal meaningful, poetic and epic, you’ll like Release The Crimson. They can be found on Facebook, Reverbnation and live at Jukes Bar in Grand Rapids on May 19th. I highly suggest giving them a listen.