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For five bucks, a new website can provide you some novel social services

If you’re lonely and need some social interactions, a new web service can help. GirlfriendHire allows girls to offer their “services” online, such as being your Facebook girlfriend, sending you a text message or writing on your Facebook wall.

But not all offers involving fake relationships include teaching you how to use your iPhone, create a playlist of dubstep music, or help proofread a homework assignment, all for five dollars.

Some may say that it’s sad for individuals to use a site like this. But it’s a way to legitimize that “girlfriend from Canada” that you bragged about to all your friends.

The possibility of scams is present, like with most new, online ventures. Be smart with which users you choose to interact with and diversify your options by getting these services from different individuals.

The enterprise is still growing, but customers will have to get over the hurdle of explaining their new Internet “fling” and invent a new story of how they met. But I’m sure for five dollars, that can be arranged. n