Summer of sports

Intramurals offer escape from summer studies

Spending the summer only taking classes can lead to stress and burnout. Physical activity can help break up the studying routine.

“Recreation should be more important,” FSU Intramural and Club Sport Coordinator Fernando Labra said. “It should be right up there with the library with a college experience. We need time to be a kid every day. It’s a coping skill to get by. It’s vital to every college students’ experience.”

This summer, the University Recreation Center will be offering intramural games in softball, volleyball, soccer, basketball and flag football. The cost is $12 per player per sport. Members of the championship team receive the “coveted intramural champion t-shirt.” Players must be registered for any summer 2012 session or the fall 2012 semester.

Labra explained that summer intramurals are much more laid back than those during the school year.

“The regular [school] year has competitive frats that bring fans and energy,” Labra said. “Summer intramurals are more laid back, have less competitive drive and are more about having fun. It has that whole summertime atmosphere.”

Labra wants students to look into the sports offered this summer and to get involved. If a sport isn’t offered in which students are interested, then Labra encourages students to send a note to or stop by his office in the Rec Center.

“Take a little time out of your day to play and escape from studying and your stresses,” Labra said. “I’ve talked to a couple students about quidditch, so we’re looking into that.”

For more information, visit to see information about this summer’s intramurals.