Like or dislike Ferris State

Students express the good and bad about Ferris

Fifty Ferris State University students were surveyed about the things they love about their school and things they…well, don’t love so much. Here’s what was found to be the top 10 likes and the top 10 dislikes about Ferris.

Top 10 favorite things about Ferris

1. Small school/campus atmosphere

Students love the community atmosphere of Ferris and the comfort of a school that’s on the smaller side.

2. Small class size

Along with the small school feel comes small class sizes. Students love the increased one-on-one time with professors and feeling like a person, not just a number in a giant lecture hall.

3. Off campus/nature

Those who call Big Rapids “boring” either don’t like nature or haven’t discovered it. The Muskegon River is great for tubing, the parks fun for walking or throwing a frisbee and the White Pine Trail awesome for long bike rides.

4. The people

The education may be the original purpose, but many stay for the people. Students agreed the relationships that form here make all the difference.

5. Seeing someone you know everywhere

Because of the smaller campus and community, students say they love seeing someone they know everywhere, whether on campus or off.

6. Honors Program

Those in it love the benefits, such as a single room, the networking opportunities and the early class registration times. Some programs even offer early admission for Honors students in pre-program who meet the requirements.

7. Campus events

Concerts like Autumn Alive, Turn up the Good and Ferris Fest give students a chance to hear some big name artists for free or less than $5. Other non-musical event such as Relay for Life and the Big Event offer a fun way for students to give back to the community.

8. The Rock

Despite some complaints about a crowded atmosphere, students are mostly a fan of the food and hours of the campus’ main cafeteria.

9. Caring faculty

Most feel that their professors genuinely care about them as a person, love what they do, and invest positively in their education as a person and future professional.

10. The bars

Those who enjoy the bars find them as a good way to relax on the weekend with friends and forget about school. Some options are Shooters, Schuberg’s and the Gypsy Nickel.

Top 10 least favorite things about Ferris

1. Lack of things to do off campus

Students felt as if things shut down on the weekends and options are limited to going to the bar.

2. Freezing weather

Everyone can testify to this one. Wearing a facemask is not out of fashion during a Big Rapids winter, and don’t be surprised if there’s a blizzard in April.

3. Parking/DPS

You might find yourself parking behind the abandoned Chinese restaurant on State Street. And always put an extra quarter in your meter if you don’t want to risk a ticket.

4. Lack of restaurants

Some of the desired food joints students suggested included a Panera Bread and a Steak ‘n Shake.

5. Lack of seating at the Rock

Students attributed this to events such as Dawg Days, tours and towns people. Don’t be surprised if this happens at the busiest times. Sundays are particularly busy with families.

6. Wind

It’s always windy in Big Rapids. Ladies, don’t plan on doing your hair. It’s really a waste of time.

7. Ferris Connect/Learn

There’s nothing worse than taking an online test and the network freezing up on you. Expect some mishaps.

8. The walk to class

Some students say it feels like an uphill walk to everything.

9. Pre-program application process

It’s easy to feel anxious when trying to apply to a program and meet requirements and to feel lost if faculty is being less than helpful.

10. Things closing on weekends

Starbucks isn’t available for students who need a caffeine fix on Saturday and Sunday, and the Student Recreation Center hours are limited on the weekend.