Out of town: Big Rapids simply does not have everything

What to do in surrounding cities

We’ve discussed a few things that are available in Big Rapids. It’s a small town, though, so what happens when we simply can’t find what we want? At some point, we won’t be able to help but look past the city limits as we eye one of those cities with a wider array of options. Here is list of a few things that immediately spring to mind. 

Celebration! Cinema offers the IMAX option, also known as the replacement for 3D as a movie selling point. It’s also better than 3D, so there’s that.

Music venues
Larger venues mean more popular bands. Thus, places like the Van Andel Arena, Meijer Gardens, The Intersection, The Pyramid Scheme, The Orbit Room, The B.O.B. and many more cater to your wider live music needs not too far from here.

Soaring Eagle Casino
Apparently some people have money burning a hole in their pocket. Mt. Pleasant offers one of the more irresponsible (yet fun) uses for it.

Specialty stores
Big Rapids has a few of these (such as Quinn’s and All About Health), but where are collectors going to find their comics or records? Where can one find specific brands of clothing, or simply a large mall to wander and peruse? Options abound and are easily found via the modern man’s best friend: Google.