Welcome Week: Dos and don’ts

Your guide to kicking off the semester the FSU way

Welcome Weekend is an exciting event that many Ferris students look forward to every year.

If it’s your first time heading off to college or you’re a returning Bulldog, the weekend’s festivities are something you do not want to miss. In order to have a successful Welcome Weekend experience, here are some dos and don’ts from your fellow Bulldogs to help you have fun, learn about what FSU has to offer and, most importantly, be safe.

“Do get out there and meet new people, especially the ones in your hall.”
Carman Plank
Sophomore, public relations/communications

“Don’t wear your lanyard around your neck.”
Chelsea Broekema
Sophomore, music industry management

“Don’t spend all your refund money at once or you’ll be begging the Rock for a job by November.”
Alex Lorenz
Senior, public relations

“Do go out and meet people. Do go to Welcome Week events. Do talk to people and get to know your hall mates. Don’t forget Brutus!”
Dan Wicklund
Sophomore, biology/pre-med

“Do have a good time and meet new people. Don’t feel the pressure to drink if you don’t want to. If you do, DO call a cab.”
Samantha Bankey
Senior, public relations

“Get involved on campus. Join an RSO; it’s a great way to meet people.”
Jeff Gibson
Senior, sociology

“Don’t ride a bike off a roof!”
Sean Vesich
Junior, computer information systems

“Do have a good time and don’t be afraid to meet new people, but be smart about it.”
Samantha Johnson
Junior, pharmacy