Making the most of it

For some, Ferris is already their home, but for many, it is new territory. Welcome to all incoming freshmen and returning upper classmen.

This year is going to be an exciting and educational year. Do you know why? Because you will make it the best year yet, whether it is your first year at Ferris or your last. Only you can make the most out of your experience here.

You have all made the decision to come here for some reason or another. Now is the time to take that step and make a difference in your life, something that possesses meaning for you. This experience is for you, so make sure you treat yourself well.

Here at Ferris I have made sure to make great memories inside and outside the classroom. I hope everyone has or will do the same. To do so is quite simple: Become involved and engaged. That’s all it takes.

Be sure to get involved with on-campus registered student organizations, this allows you to be involved with campus, the community and make great connections which can be become lasting friendships. Now, don’t get so involved you don’t have time to sleep, eat or of course study.

Don’t forget the reason you came to college though–to focus on school and study a subject you are passionate about. You will have classes all over campus with many different people. In the classroom is where you really need to focus and show your passion. I cannot stress how important it is to show up to class on time and be engaged. Don’t text or talk with your classmates while the professor is teaching a lesson. Not only is this rude but you aren’t making the most out of your time here at Ferris.

As a student, you have so many opportunities to try out new adventures. Don’t sit back and watch everyone else. Get out there, have fun, be safe and make lasting memories that impact your life and possibly others.

Take the challenge to make the most out of college. Good luck with all your new endeavors here at Ferris State University.