There’s a map for that

The Stinky Vent by Hallisy: Avoid at all costs, even in the winter when it makes you warm. You may think it’s worth it, but it’s not—trust me.

Basement of Alumni building: Rumor has it, it’s haunted. Have fun in English class, freshmen.

Westview: Where the cups are too small, but thanks to the trays, you can carry as many as you’d like.

FLITE Library: Looking for something fun to do? Check out the first floor of FLITE, because it’s always a party. If you go to the library to study or something, consider going a few floors up.

Starbucks: Located in the IRC-Want a coffee to keep your eyes open in class? The line is usually comparable to a line on Black Friday at Forever 21. If you don’t know what that means, get there 20 minutes before class.

Copy Center: If you’re looking to get a date with a graphic design student, check out the copy center. They’re ALWAYS there.

The Rock: So many options, it’s like the Old Country Buffet of Big Rapids. So much so, that you might have to start making reservations.

Rankin Center: You’ll be an alumnus by the time you figure out how to navigate around this building. Don’t get discouraged. You didn’t design it.

Third floor of Starr: Everyone should know there is only one stairway that can get you there. Why it was made like that, no one knows, but that’s the way it is. If you have a class up there, I recommend figuring out how to get to it first.

Granger Building: If the walls were painted camouflage, the building would appear empty. Keep your deer costume at home.

Rec Center: Everyone and their roommate goes to the Rec just before dinner time. You could probably make a couple workout buddies while you’re waiting in line, though.