Deborify-ing news

Does news really have to be boring?

“News is boring.”

Man, if I had a nickel for every time I heard that, I wouldn’t have eaten Ramen Noodles the entire first week in my apartment.

When I joined The Torch staff three years ago (wow, has it really been that long?), I aspired to become Sports Editor. Having been an athlete my entire life, sports have always been at the top of my list of interests. I didn’t think it could get any better than covering collegiate athletics. I’d found my dream job.

It was my plan to finish out my time at The Torch as Sports Editor, until the Editor-in-Chief approached me last spring and asked if I’d be interested in making the switch to News Editor. She presented it to me as a challenge (something I’ve rarely been able to resist). She challenged me to step outside my comfort zone and deborify news.

So, here I am in my third issue as News Editor and I want to know: How am I doing? Am I deborifying news?

As News Editor, it’s my goal to make this section the first one you turn to in the paper. And no, not because it’s the first section in the paper, but because it’s the first one you want to read. You see, news shouldn’t be boring. Forget boring. I’m going for captivating. I’m going for informative. I’m going for inspiring.

So, I want to know what you want to read. What can I put in this section that will captivate, inform and inspire you? In this issue, we’ve covered sleep deprivation and student rights in the residence halls–both of which affect many Ferris students. As a section, my writers and I want to cover news you care about.

In order to cover news you care about, I need to know what you care about. So, let’s establish a relationship. Write Letters to the Editor. Call me at the office. Follow me on Twitter. Let me know what you thought about this issue and give me your story ideas. Like any quality campus newspaper, The Torch is by students, for students.

The better our relationship, the better the section will be. Together we can deborify news.