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Nokia caught faking new cell phone’s photo/video quality

When you see an advertisement for a camera, the advertised photos taken by it would assumedly be taken by that actual camera. Recently, Nokia advertised that its new Lumia 920 smartphone takes crisp photos using image stabilization to reduce blur and camera shake.

In the video, the phone was highlighted by showing a comparison between an average smartphone versus their new Lumia phone. But unknowingly to Nokia, they forgot to take out a scene from the video where the reflection shows not a smartphone; instead, the commercial was filmed with a professional grade camera.

Doubters online continued their research into the ad campaign for the camera and found some low-light photos supposedly taken by the Lumia 920. But more investigation found that lights in the background could not be feasibly taken with a cellphone and instead were taken by a professional-quality camera.

Nokia felt the wrath of the poor publicity and lackluster debut of the new product with a 20 percent drop in stocks after its failed launch of their “iPhone killer.” It was also related to the fact that Nokia neglected to announce a timeline for preorder or release of their phone.