Hollywood duds to box-office legends

Ferris students share their opinions of the best and worst movies they’ve seen

Movies can be captivating, make you cry or make you fall out of your chair dying of laughter. On the other hand, a movie can be boring, cliché or downright disappointing.

When students were asked to share about the best and worst movies they’ve ever seen, they found it difficult to pinpoint a single one. Many students had several favorite movies but couldn’t think of an awful one. However, when they finally thought of a bad movie, it could be given a C or a D.

A.J. Petix

Senior, public relations

Best: “‘The (original) Matrix’ was such an original concept for the time. The graphics were phenomenal.”

Worst: “‘Thankskilling’ – It was low-budget, had a ridiculous story line and was tastelessly offensive.”

Suzanne Pazdernik

Senior, human resources management

Best: “‘Too Fast, Too Furious’ because it has all the action and Paul Walker.”

Worst: “The “Paranormal Activity” movies are really stupid.”

Scott Barger

Junior, business administration

Best movie: “‘Gentleman Broncos’ because although it’s really low-budget, it blows my mind.”

Worst movie: “‘Superbabies’ because it’s horrible.”

Morgan Andree

Senior, public relations

Best: “‘Titanic;’ I love that movie.”

Worst: “I Know Who Killed Me’ because Lindsay Lohan is in it, and she’s a terrible actress.”