Loosey goosey

As a Type A personality, I understand perfectionists. But let’s be honest—nothing can be perfect.

This seems very pessimistic but I have learned the hard way—numerous times— that it is not worth the stress to make everything in life perfect.

I strive for perfection as a want, not a need. The problem with perfection is that it causes stress from over thinking the simple things in life. This is just not necessary to do. This does not create happiness. It causes the polar opposite.

From work to school, I create a very stressful setting while striving for this perfection.

I understand it is hard to ignore all the small things because there are a lot of things going on in everyone’s lives. But if you just let life take its course, I am sure it will all be OK.

Sometimes people strive for perfection because they worry about what others think too much. I know I do. I feel others have this expectation for me and if I don’t reach that level, I will be looked down upon.

After thinking about perfection, I know I am not perfect. I don’t get my homework done way ahead of time. I don’t abide all laws or rules. But what is really more important than what clothes I am wearing tomorrow or how smart I sound is that I have food to eat, a house to keep me warm and a great support system.

I don’t want this to make people feel bad if they strive for perfection. It is just another quality that makes us unique. We all have different personalities and view the world differently. That is inevitable. But one thing we can do the same is to try to go with the flow.

Everything will be fine if you are a little loosey goosey. Everyone should be so they can enjoy life a little more.

We always seem to jump the gun and get irate or upset about something before we actually think it through. For all the Type A’s out there, just hang loose and have some fun. I’m trying to learn, and I am positive it will be a great change for my health.