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iPhone 5. Revolutionary or repetitive?

Another year down, another iPhone released.

We all saw it coming from a mile away. Apple wasn’t set to surprise us with a whole new phone. A taller form factor while still shrinking down the girth and weight was part of the new design. Its unibody aluminum body takes a hint from the newest MacBook Pro and removes the oh-so-breakable rear glass of the 4S.

The iPhone 5 also has normal increases of a faster processer, upgraded camera, better battery life (on paper), but the other features seem to be a step back. A new adapter for charging and connecting to a computer means all new accessories will be needed (unless the use of an unsightly adapter is acceptable for you).

If you are like me and was pondering an upgrade or a purchase of an iPhone 5, here is my unsolicited advice: If you currently have an iPhone 4S, keep it and upgrade to the new iOS6 which will give you most of the new software features without the cost of a new iPhone. But if you’re rolling with the now two-year old iPhone 4, think about considering either the brand-new iPhone 5 or fall back on the iPhone 4S for only $99.

And with the release of a new iPhone, the rumor mills get churning for what the iPhone 6 will have in store for us when it is announced in a year’s time.