XClusively entertaining

Music, comedy and dance captivate Ferris students

He is known for competing on “America’s Got Talent” and he wowed Ferris students last Thursday.

Kenneth “XClusive” Paryo performed for an intimate crowd in the Rankin Center Dome Room.

“The show was really good. I liked it because he had the audience engaged and then he related real life situations but in a comedic way. He had all the audience laughing and giggling even when he was talking about serious subjects. I loved it,” Carlvin Dorvilier, Ferris senior in advertising/integrated marketing communications, said.

Paryo captivated the audience by dancing to various dub-step songs. His body vibrated and shook with the rhythm, creating the illusion that he was in slow motion or dancing under a strobe light.

He creates “conversation pieces” that involve dance, music and comedic voice recordings to express an idea. His first conversation was for those who have been cheated on.

“I feel I’m most myself when I’m on stage. It’s a good feeling. That’s what I love most about [entertaining],” Paryo said.

Not only did Paryo dance and provide comedy for the students, but he engaged them as well. He had students involved in movie quote trivia, a dance off and a venting session where students could talk about things they did not like, such as student loans (a major reason why Paryo is not in school currently).

“I really liked the show because I love physical comedy where he actually gets involved with the audience. Everyone’s engaged. Everyone’s having a good time. It’s a pretty good show,” James Caston, Ferris junior in biochemistry, said.

Coming from the large city of Atlanta, Payro was shocked to see the small town of Big Rapids.

“I think I have truly found the middle of nowhere,” Payro said. The crowd roared with laughter.

Growing up, Paryo was exposed to music through his parents who are song-writers and musicians. He started dancing at the age of 13.

He performed on the third season of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” and opened for Trey Songz.