A very fine line

You may be judgmental. That’s OK, it means you have some thoughts or feelings you need to express.

There is nothing wrong with thinking something is good or bad; it is your opinion and you have that right.

What you don’t have the right to do is take away someone else’s pride and glory for your own well being, without reason.

No one has the right to hurt others intentionally, but at the same time you need to learn how to receive bad news. It isn’t pleasant to hear you wrote a paper that was not up to par or that you don’t have the voice to be a pop star. It’s OK, we have all heard the negatives in life.

What we don’t hear when people critique us is how to improve. We should take those thoughts and turn them into something worthwhile. It is tough to hear you or something you did was just not good. You may have worked really hard or you may have a lot of passion for it. To hear someone crush your dreams crushes you. You feel worthless, but you shouldn’t.

Most people, if they truly know what a critique is (an intelligent judgment), might hear something worthwhile from the person criticizing them.

Make sure you understand what the person is trying to convey; it may open your eyes to something new. I have been through many critiques, but it has only made me a stronger person.

The first few may have been rough, but that didn’t make me give up.

The key to a good critique is knowing how to give and take. You must be willing to hear someone else’s thoughts if you give your own.

Don’t be too extreme and exaggerate. There is a fine line between constructive and destructive criticism. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. Make sure you the know the right balance.

Everyone will take news differently. I know it is hard to give and take certain news. Just make sure you speak with caution and listen carefully.

You can learn from any critique, whether it’s what not to do or what to continue.