Staying connected to faith in college

Spiritual Exploration Fair welcomes students to discover spiritual organizations on campus

The Spiritual Exploration Fair brought together students of similar and different beliefs.

The fair took place in the Rankin Student Center Dome Room on Sept. 19.

Students had the opportunity to connect with their faith, learn about other religions and discover what different spiritual organizations are available on campus.

There were several faith-based organizations represented at the event. Victory Life, Muslim Student Organization, My Sister’s Keeper and several other groups were present.

Carrie Adams, chair of the Spiritual Exploration Fair, felt this event gave students a well-rounded view of what religion is.

“I feel it’s a great opportunity for students to search for what options are out there and what’s available to fill a need that they have,” Adams said. “Not only that, but sometimes we run into things in life that we need help with. It helps to make sure we’re a well-rounded person and that we’re healthy spiritually, mentally and physically.”

Shadi Amer, Ferris senior in automotive and member of Muslim Student Organization, shared his journey and how he keeps connected with his beliefs.

“It makes me who I am; it makes me a better person, a better version of myself,” Amer said. “What I do believe in is when the power of love overcomes the love of power, happiness and peace will happen.”

Amer also expressed despite how many different beliefs there are in the world, in the end people are connected by being a part of humanity.

“I visited people from Jehovah’s Witnesses and the non-denominational organizations, but I asked them all the same question, ‘What is Jesus to you?’ And their answers were all the same,” said Amer. “This is the beauty of life: difference.”

Bryanna Moore, Ferris senior in criminal justice and member of My Sister’s Keeper, shared how her faith has served as her rock while in college.

“It is very important because I feel like without my faith, without what I believe, I wouldn’t be here,” Moore said. “I get up and pray every day, while I’m studying and before a test. God and I…we’ve got this. My faith got me through college.”

Evan Rudolph, Ferris senior in the welding program and member of the Ferris Pagan Alliance, expressed that this event created awareness for the options on campus.

“I find divinity in everybody, and everything is sacred,” Rudolph said. “In order for me to be a better person, I’m going to look for truths you have that I don’t. It’s about being open minded with other people’s wisdom.”

Overall, this event was an opportunity for students to learn how to stay connected to their faith in college and evolve spiritually and mentally.

“I hope that students take away something that helps them grow,” Adams said. “And that they walked away feeling like they gained some knowledge about other religions that are out there.”