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Facebook now tracking who you search

Facebook is adding more features to the activity log.

If you don’t know what the activity log is, it’s a way of monitoring your own personal activity such as what you like, comment, post or share. For myself, I use it to make sure I didn’t accidentally like that photo of the person I was creeping on or my roommates didn’t “hack” my Facebook.

But now, Facebook is keeping track of whom you search for on Facebook.

Some may see this as a way of Facebook slowly publicizing your searching and browsing history but for now, this activity is only viewable to yourself. The addition of this feature allows more control of knowing what has gone on for your Facebook (which we all know is so critical to our lives).

The addition of this tracking as part of the activity log means the only concern this feature may bring is that your significant other may catch you lusting over someone else if you’re not careful enough to
log out.