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Psychological game pits players’ minds against each other

Most first-person shooters involve a simple run or gun gameplay or even a control the point style of play. One mod for the PC game Counter Strike and Garry’s Mod allows players a new exciting game type. Trouble in Terrorist Town brings the game style of Mafia into the virtual gaming world.

The game is set up with players being divided into three types of players: Innocents, Detectives and Traitors. The goal of the Innocents is to decipher who the Traitors are and eliminate them, while the Traitors are trying to go after the Innocents. The Detectives have special tools to find out the Traitors with the cooperation of the Innocents.

Playing online in a server with around 30 people—mostly all using microphones to communicate—brings out paranoia in all the players. Accusations fly about who is a Traitor, leaving Innocents scrambling to exonerate them while Traitors try to be deceitful and evade raising red flags.

The game is free to play if you own the two other games already, and right now, it’s PC only. If you’re curious to see more about it, look on YouTube for videos of people playing the game and the various shenanigans they get into.