Why I love my job

Dear Editor,

Please accept a HUGE round of applause for your September 12th issue.

It’s absolutely superb!

I taught at Ferris from 1969 to 1998 and don’t remember an issue with the quality of this one. What’s impressive is the thoughtfulness and maturity of your opinion pieces: your editorial, Ms. Benson, the articles by Rachel Szucs and Tyler Shelton on page 14, and above all, the extraordinarily measured debate between Jax Anger and Zach Smith on the explosively controversial issue of in vitro fertilization.

Your news reporters also do well, but your opinion articles are world-class. They rank with two Ivy League student papers I’m superficially familiar with, The Columbia Daily Spectator and the Harvard Crimson.

Last year our hockey team made Ferris proud. You’re doing the same for our student newspaper. May you continue to maintain its high quality.

With best regards,

Wendall Mott


I don’t work at the Torch for the money but for the experience and the gratification. I know I have done my job when I see people reading the Torch. It brings great joy when we get feedback about our coverage and see what we do matters.

Over four years ago I started out in production laying out the paper and now I am editor in chief. I would not have wanted this position for any other reason than that I take pride in the impact the Torch has on the community.

As a reader, I encourage suggestions and comments on our articles. We strive to cover what’s going on and around campus. We want to make our articles enjoyable to readers. What do you want to see in the Torch?

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please send them our way. You can stop by the office located in Rankin Center 140 , e-mail me at the torch@nullferris.edu or call ext. 5978.