Big things on the small screen

Students express their favorite and not so favorite fall TV shows

The new fall TV season has started. Big names are starting a Revolution on NBC, former Office workers are relocating to Fox, and the greatest detective the world has ever known is taking his investigations to CBS.

Television is a world in flux, as cable TV is at an all-time high in terms of public recognition and critical acclaim while the networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW) struggle to handle new technology like the internet and DVR. It’s a medium now hailed by many as on par with, or even better than, cinema – yet they struggle more than ever to get people to watch shows as they’re playing. This is there time to shine, though. Old favorites are returning, new shows are debuting, and the TV landscape for the next year and beyond will be shaped by how these next few weeks unfold. Now, let’s see what’s on the TV sets around Ferris State.

Rupie Nixon
Senior, music industry management

“Big Band Theory” and “Doctor Who.” They’re smart, science-based comedy associated with entertainment.

Worst /Least:
“Survivor.” I hate those kinds of shows.

Evan Simon
Senior, TV and digital media production

“Parks and Recreaton.” It’s Ron Swanson.

Worst /Least:
I’d have to go with “Family Guy.’”

Sarah Spradlin
Senior, printing management

“Awkward.” It’s funny and you can connect with it because it’s kids your own age.”

Worst /Least:
“Jersey Shore.”

Alex Casillas
Grad student/cancer researcher


Worst /Least:
“Jersey Shore.” I know a lot of people like it; I’m just not interested.