Out with the old

Does the Pure Michigan campaign really work?

We hear it on the radio, see it on TV and every time we come back to Michigan the sign “Welcome to Pure Michigan” greets us.

I’m not against this campaign. I think it is great our government is trying to bring people to Michigan. After all it is a wonderful place to live and to visit. From city to country, it has an activity for everyone.

But after a few years of listening to Tim Allen’s voice, I’m kind of bored. I always listened intently when I heard the ads on the radio, but now it seems old. Others have started to mimic and make fun of these commercials. I’d rather watch or hear these because it is something new.

After awhile, people will block out the serene sound of “what makes Michigan beautiful” or “the best kept secret of the North.” While inspiring and interesting at first, I think it is time for a change to keep people inspired and engaged.

I want the Michigan economy to continue to look forward and up, but if money is being spent on a campaign that people are starting to ignore, is it worth it? I’m sure some of you have seen the Michigan sing-a-long video. That was a fresh, new idea. It took real people from all over Michigan to let you know how there is always a good time in Michigan. The message was great and kept me on my toes to see the next town.

I live in Michigan, so I know I may be biased since the campaign is to target people from other states and countries to come visit but I think it is time the government turns over a new leaf. Let’s change up the campaign to capture a bigger audience. And while I agree we are a “pure” state, let’s just have “Welcome to Michigan.” No need to add the pure, let the visitors find out for themselves.