Dumbing me down

Two hours of my life were wasted watching the vice presidential debate.

I thought this debate would be beneficial to help in choosing the best candidate. I wanted to be more involved and more aware. Katelyn’s voting columns these past few weeks were inspiring me to educate myself more.

I had already missed the first presidential debate, so I thought I would attempt with another debate. This was a failure, but not on my own part. The debate was completely useless to me.

I felt as if I was watching young children on the screen debate over issues that matter, but treated them as if they will not affect the lives of millions.

Politics have just gotten on my nerves, and I want to educate myself but do not want to endure the pain of listening to them.

Vice President Joe Biden kept laughing at Paul Ryan for his comments, and Ryan would raise his eyebrows with every statement Biden made. It was like a joke to both of them. The debate was supposed to be an intelligent conversation to make voters aware of what their political views were.

My IQ dropped during this event. I felt hopeless with who our next leaders may be. I want to be comforted by who will make the big decisions for me. They will serve for the next four years in office.

I just want to become educated, but I will not suffer through another debate unless I feel like I am actually educating myself.

What I learned is that neither candidate was prepared and all I can hope is they get smart.

The candidates need to educate themselves on the topics before opening their mouths. They could all do us a favor so I don’t feel like I am dumbing myself down the next debate.