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iPad Mini inbounds shortly?

The iPhone 5 was so a few weeks ago and Apple, being the “revolutionary” company we lust after, looks to have a trick up its sleeve. Much like several years ago when the original iPod had the iPod Mini, the iPad may soon have its own smaller iteration coming soon.

The iPad Mini is not “Apple-official” yet, but product leaks have slowly been trickling out over time. This new tablet would have a seven or eight-inch screen as opposed to the ten-inch screen the iPad 3 has. Other than that, it appears it will have similar specifications of processer, RAM, etc. The iPad Mini would be Apple’s response to the cheap tablets offered by Amazon or Google with their Kindle Fire or Nexus 7, respectively.

The reliability of various product leaks aren’t always the most trusted, since Apple has been known to send out fake prototypes to fool tech writers such as myself. But the variety of sources posting similar products lends to its creditability. Plus, reports of an order by Apple to their Chinese suppliers to begin manufacturing 10 million new iPad Minis lends to its future existence.

The name iPad Mini is just a working title until Apple makes a product official. So until Apple has another “revolutionary” product coming down its pipelines or another major Apple story breaks, I’ll try to spread the tech spotlight around to other facets of the wonderful world of technology we all live in.