Today’s Tech

Mobile Learn allows you to stay up on your studies

With more and more classes having some part of the class online, being able to access that information from your smartphone would be a great addition. Blackboard Learn has done just that with Mobile Learn, an app available for smartphones of iOS, Android, Blackberry and webOS (which are apparently still around).

With this app, you get access to most of the features of the online site without the hassle of going through MyFSU each time you want to check something. One nifty feature I enjoy is the notifications, which alert you when a grade or assignment is posted. It definitely helps with not forgetting to do an assignment or not constantly checking online to see a grade posted. These notifications can also share announcements from professors, such as knowing when class gets canceled.

One bummer about this app is Blackboard recently decided to charge for its use. Now, there is the option of either paying $2 for a year’s use or $6 for lifetime use (which for me with only two years left, I made the economic decision).

One bonus of having the app is that if you get caught using your phone in class, you can try the excuse of you were simply trying to get on your Mobile Learn page for the class.n