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Trash Talk – “119”

Trash Talk is a fairly straightforward band. They make noise—fast, blistering noise—that pushes no boundaries, but also pulls no punches. New album “119” isn’t a departure from that—it simply hits less frequently than past efforts.

While there is some rhyme and reason as to why a Trash Talk record works or doesn’t, it mostly comes down to whether their furious barrages hit the right note.

“Exile on Brodway” is a toxicly enrapturing burst with a bit of thrill-enhancing repetition, whereas a track like “Thanks, But No Thanks” is a heavy “meh.”

“Blossom and Burn,” featuring Trash Talk’s friends Tyler, the Creator and Mellowhype, is all name recognition. The shock-rappers fall flat going hardcore. Tyler’s rapping is simply there, somewhat effective, but the guttural gaffes are truly laughable.

On the brighter side, each track has a great component that makes the whole thing quite listenable (it also helps no track tops 2:31). “Eat the Cycle” is exactly what a Trash Talk opening track should be; “F.E.B.N.” has a dirty, spine-tingling bass that plays well, and “Bad Habits” is a glorious punk romp.

For every track that comes up wanting —or despite this reviewer having heard too similar many Trash Talk albums— there are a number of superior, spastic affairs that serve as a reminder for why the band is ever more successful.

Regardless of overall quality, every album contains at least a handful of winners. Played in the background, “119” is still a brief big band of an album for fans to lose their minds to.