Unleash your passion

New art group welcomes students to express themseleves through art

College is more than just hitting the books and earning a degree; it’s also about discovering who you are and expressing yourself through what you love.

There is a new registered student organization on campus which is doing exactly that. Art RSO is welcoming all Ferris students to let their creativity run free through the expression of art.

Melissa DiVietri, Ferris senior in the new media and graphic media management program, felt there was a need for this type of organization on campus. DiVietri, who is extremely passionate about the arts, paired up with Carrie Weis, the director of the Rankin Art Gallery, to make Art RSO come to life.

“The Art RSO is going to give creative people a chance to unleash their passion,” DiVietri said.

The new organization hosted an informational meeting on Oct. 18, in the Rankin Art Gallery. This allowed students to get a taste of what the RSO will have to offer as well as a chance to network with other students who enjoy the arts.

“I think it’s a way for everyone who has similar interests and interests in the arts to get together and to do some really creative things,” Weis said. “This organization is important because there are so many creative students, and [Ferris] does not have a fine arts program. A lot of people here on campus are doing really interesting and great things.”

Once Art RSO becomes an established organization on campus, its meetings will include various activities. Students who join will have the opportunity to have a space where they can create art as well as share their creations with other students.

“It’s important to have this RSO so those creative minds who did not take a major in art can still develop their passion with other students,” DiVietri said. “This organization is important because it shows that there is creativity in every individual. Whether you think you are a creative person or not, this is the chance to show yourself that.”

If you are interested in learning more about this RSO, please contact Melissa DiVietri at divietm1@nullferris.edu or Carrie Weis at weisc@nullferris.edu for more information.