Letting go

Less than seven months and I will be leaving what I have called home for the last five years.

It is bittersweet. I cannot wait to leave, but at the same time, I will miss this place. I have lived in Big Rapids since the day I graduated high school. Some people may think this is the worst place on the planet, but this is where I have created unforgettable memories.

Seven months seems like forever away, but this fall semester is already coming to a close. I have received my final projects for most of my classes. It’s scary to think of the next step and the fact that I have to let go and move on.

What if I am not ready? I have felt like I have been waiting for this moment, but as I reminisce on the past years, I will miss my little pink house on the hill, where I could walk right onto campus and go to work or class.

Where I live has become a part of me and now I will have to find a new place to call home. I am up for the new adventure, but a part of me wants to stay here and get my master’s degree. My fear is most likely because I have to leave my family and friends and the fact that I will have to get accustomed to a new place.

Why should I be afraid? I moved out when I was 18 and lived on my own for awhile here and there. It is just the matter of change. This won’t be my last move or my last big step in life.

This step just puts me closer to a career, marriage and a family in the years to come. It is hard to let a place go, let alone the people. A phone call or text message is just not the same as seeing those people everyday.

Do I want to leave? Do I stay or do I go? No, I am not ready, but I will be ready when the time comes because I have to be–there is no other choice.

Many of you have just moved on by coming to college and many will be moving on like myself in May. It will be fun and scary but well worth it in the end. It is acknowledgement of attaining our college education; we should treat ourselves to moving on. I’m preparing myself to let go, my biggest challenge
of the year.