Need professional clothing?

First Lady’s Attic helps students with wardrobe

Full Closet: Inside Rankin Student Center, students can borrow formal dress clothes for occasions where they need to wear something a bit nicer than yoga pants and a Northface jacket. Photo By: Eric Trandel | Photographer
Most of us are aware of how the clothing we choose to wear sends a message to others. Be it friends, strangers, teachers or potential employers, how we choose to dress has quite an impact.

This is why professional attire is so crucial in sending the correct message to potential employers in a job interview. Being well dressed shows that you are confident and capable, someone who an employer wants to hire.

Of course, we don’t all have a massive wardrobe full of professional clothing ,and stocking up on this is easier said than done. One will quickly discover these clothes tend to get rather pricy pretty quickly. Stores such as Goodwill are certainly less expensive, but there is no guarantee they’ll have what you need in stock. In response to this problem which many students may face, the First Lady’s Attic was put together.

The First Lady’s Attic is a wardrobe open to all students, both male and female, which lends out professional clothing for job interviews and presentations. It was first opened in 2009 and continues to loan out clothing to students today.

“This is a place where you can come in and get professional attire,” said Nicole Finch, a Ferris student worker at the First Lady’s Attic.

While all students are invited to take a look, not many students take advantage of this opportunity.

“This is kind of an undervalued resource,” Finch continued. “But everyone who does come in here seems rather surprised this is here.”

Finch also mentioned the great value that the First Lady’s Attic brings to campus, especially “for those who don’t have much.”

While some may not be aware of the First Lady’s Attic, it is certainly a service which many could make use of. The First Lady’s Attic is open Monday through Friday and is located in Rankin 171. So if you are in need of some professional clothing, check them out and you may be pleasantly surprised.