The excitement of opening day

Ferris students look forward to start of hunting season

Hunting has to be one of the oldest activities in which mankind has partaken. For millions of years man has relied upon this tradition for survival purpose and it continues to thrive to this very day. Michigan is certainly no stranger to hunters and many students here are very excited to get back out into the wilderness and hunt once more.

Students should, of course, make sure to stay safe while hunting. Hunters are advised to remember the “Ten Commandments of Firearm Safety” and wear their orange. There were 12 hunting accidents in 2011, 5 of which were fatal.

While weapons are not permitted on campus, students are allowed to register and store them with the Department of Public Safety during hunting season however.

“When you see a really good sized deer with a really big rack, you just get a huge adrenaline rush,” Jack Vonderwerth said, a Freshman in Automotive Engineering Technology who has been hunting for over five years. “I love to eat the venison too. My mom makes really good venison jerky.”

Many hunters have their preferences for various weapons that they will use for the hunt. “Occasionally I’ll hunt with a bow,” Vonderwerth says, “but generally I hunt with my Remington bolt action 30-06. The best deer I ever shot was an 8-point back during a youth hunt, it was a good-looking deer too; I’ve shot a lot of ugly deer.”

Vonderwerth expressed his disappointment that he would have to wait till the weekend after opening day to go out hunting. “I wish they had opening day set on a Saturday instead of just the 15th,” Vonderwerth says. “I normally would go out on morning and night to hunt in my hometown. But I’ll be in class this year because that’s a little more important.”

With opening day almost here certainly many students will be going off to hunt, some waiting for the weekend and others not. It’s a great time to hunt responsibly, keeping in mind hunting safety and seeking out some good deer.