Today’s Tech

Samsung Chromebook does basically everything you need for a cheap price

When you review what you actually do on the computer, 95 percent of us use it for simple web browsing and word processing.

Samsung’s newest version of their Chromebook does the basics for a computer at a basic price of $249. Running Google’s Chrome OS puts most of the storage onto remote servers and off the device. In this day and age, it’s tough for us to be out of Internet connection (except when FSU_NET goes down every other hour).

The Chromebook comes with 100GB of storage on Google Drive, their remote storage service, and allows users to utilize Google products including their version of Microsoft Office, Google Docs.

The size of the device is one of the major selling points, weighing just over two pounds and less than an inch thick while still having a full-sized keyboard and an 11.6 inch screen.

If you’re pondering getting such a device, Best Buy stores (which are sadly not found here in Big Rapids) have Chromebooks to try out. But if you want to see if the Chromebook experience is possible for your computing habits, look though the various Chrome web apps and see if you can do everything you do on your PC or Mac in a smaller, more compact form for a great price.