Your choice

We all have the freedom to exercise our right to vote. I know I did Election Day.

If you did not vote, shame on you, unless of course you could not due to age restriction or you did not take the time to educate yourself. Voting does not take that much time and after all, you get the chance to vote people into office who you think are best suited for the position.

After the election results were posted my social media feeds blew up. There were angry people and excited people. After reading some unintelligent posts I closed out of the social media world. I didn’t want to read or hear about it anymore.

There have been too many people complaining about the results. News flash: If you did not vote, you don’t have the right to complain. Your privilege has been revoked due to your lack of participation in this recent major election.

Many people are misguided with how their vote does not count. Did you even think about how you are part of the American people and they add up the votes for the electoral votes? Florida and Ohio were so close to whom the points went to. It could have been down to one vote.

I remember losing the position to becoming president of my freshman class by one vote. ONE VOTE. It totally matters, so when the next election comes up, which now you have to wait four years for, think again and vote.

I know our votes do count. I may not support a particular candidate or party, but I want anyone to go out and vote. Your vote could change the whole outcome to an election. If more Michigan voters had come out to the polls and were educated, some proposals may have been passed.

As much as I despise indulging in politics, it really is necessary to know more about our government. After all, a democracy is about the people, so take your rights and run with them.

As Americans, we tend to be selfish. You are selfish for not voting. Why could you not take 15 minutes out of your day?

Why not spend an hour a week checking up on what’s happening in the world? It would not kill you. It will only better you as a person.