Experience needed

Imagine More. We have all seen this slogan plastered on billboards and other various advertisement paraphernalia.

Ferris State University is not just a place for education but a place to experience and grow. It is not the classrooms where I am learning, it is with my job, here as I am writing to all of you.

I may have small readership for this particular column, but for The Torch as a whole, we publish 4,300 copies weekly. That means that at least 4,300 people have seen or read the Torch. This is about a quarter of the student population on campus. To me this number means a lot.

It means that all the hard work from my staff and myself is being displayed in front of these individuals. This doesn’t just stop on campus; we are reaching out to the community. The paper has opened up so many opportunities for myself and others.

I did not learn how hard it would be to manage colleagues reading a text book. I experience this first hand every day. I have had to learn the proper form of communication. I have to be a boss to my peers which has been by far the hardest part in my college education.

I did not imagine or pursue getting a career in journalism; after all, I am graduating from the College of Engineering Technology in May with a facility management bachelor’s degree. It’s far from journalism, but for the past four years, I have been a part of this paper and without this experience I would not be where I am today.

This opportunity to work at The Torch just kind of fell into my lap, growing into the position as editor-in-chief. Looking back does not seem imaginable. If someone asked where I would be in five years, it would not be here, but life took me here. The Torch is where I belong and I would not choose any other place.

I have been able to grow as an individual at my time at Ferris. I can give most of my credit to The Torch in regards to education. My investment at The Torch has already paid off and will continue to as I pursue my career. n