Ferris freshman murdered over holiday break

True Whitsey, 18-year-old Ferris student, was killed over the holiday break in front of his cousin and younger brother.

The three young men were leaving Whitsey’s sister’s house in Detroit when they were stopped by two men in a red Ford Focus.

Whitsey was then robbed and shot in the back and side after he told the men he had nothing to give them. He was transported to the nearest hospital where he died.

According to MyFoxDetroit.com, Whitsey was mentored by Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh who released a statement saying, “He was a well mannered young man with goals. I am heartbroken, and it makes me want to double my efforts to save our city by helping not just those who are college bound…but to catch those in enough time to stop them from being prison bound.”

During high school, Whitsey graduated with a 4.0 GPA and had a full four-year scholarship to Ferris. He planned to study corporate law.

Because of unfortunate, heartbreaking events such as this, many people look to gun control as the root of the problem.

According to an article about gun control in Detroit on Policymic.com, “Detroit has the second highest murder rate in the nation and is considered by many to be the most dangerous city in which to live in the United States. Simply put, gun control, as a means of controlling crime and protecting law abiding citizens, is a dismal failure.”

Alexa Macy, Ferris freshman in radiography, thinks the laws in Michigan should be stricter to avoid incidents like these.

“Without gun control, a powerful weapon can fall into the wrong hands and take innocent lives,” Macy said.