Mind reader

Mentalist and illusionist doesn’t disappoint Ferris crowd

Mentalist and illusionist Wayne Hoffman performed for students their first week back to school.

Williams Auditorium was filling as students eagerly waited for Hoffman to entertain the crowd with his quick wit, magic and mind reading capabilities.

The show started off quickly with illusions many audience members will never be able to explain.

One act involved two young women who were brought up on stage to prove they had a connection because they were not only roommates, but best friends.

“Best friends have one of the most amazing connections there is,” Hoffman said.

Only one woman was touched with a feather, but both girls claimed to have felt it. The crowd reacted with much surprise.

Mind reading was the main act he wanted to show the audience. Hoffman asked everyone to focus and think of one word.

“Now either using skill or what I call no social life, I will effectively read their minds,” Hoffman said.

He didn’t disappoint as he called out numerous members of the audience and guessed their favorite movies, first toys and the name of someone’s cat.

Jameson Weber, Ferris freshman in music industry management, said, “There was a lot of stuff that had me completely clueless on how anything was done. He is insane with the [illusions] he does.”

Hoffman continued to wow the crowd throughout the night. For one stunt, he used the energy from a camera to turn back time on a watch. The camera flashed, and the hands ticked backward exactly 29 minutes.

Always quick on his feet, Hoffman joked, “Daylight savings is a breeze for me.”

For his grand finale, Hoffman managed to remove all the dents from a can of Coke he had been drinking throughout the night. The opening was also resealed and the can filled once again before he gave it away.

From a rural town in Pennsylvania, Hoffman pursued magic after his mother had given him a magic set at the age of seven. He spent large amounts of time researching sociology, psychology and human behavior to mold his skills. By 15, he was being paid to perform. At the young age of 18, he started touring the country to perform his show “Mind Candy.”

Now, he is considered one of the top ten mentalists in the world. He has aired on all major television networks and been to 43 different countries.

At the end of the show, Hoffman took a moment to promote his new book “Mind Candy,” which he claims will help people accomplish everything they set out to do.

“He’s not just about the show; he’s also giving out advice and sort of helping you out,” Jocelyn Aigboduwa, Ferris junior in pre-optometry, said.

Near the end of the show, Hoffman dedicated his next stunt to the believers and the risk takers.

“This one goes out to all of you who have ever taken a chance,” Hoffman said.

For more information about Hoffman, visit hoffmanmagic.com.