Predicting the hits

Every year brings new breakout music acts. Here are a few possibilities for 2013

Like picking out Academy Award nominees at the beginning of the year, choosing breakout musical acts for the next year is an exercise in both obvious and the completely unknown. Some of these are inevitable; others fall in the “hopeful” category. Anything could happen. These are just a few possibilities.

The Product
Ferris music industry management junior Wayne Ganor said, “I think in 2013 the band you’ll see start to rise up is a band out of Port Huron called The Product. In 2012 they released their second EP called “Still Alive,” which was made with the help of engineer-producer Brian Virtue (30 Seconds to Mars, Chevelle), and so far the band has released two singles and music videos off the EP (“My Damage” and “Light It Up”).”

Kina Grannis
Kina Grannis won a contract with Interscope through the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest, and has turned that into successful touring and a good amount of charity work. Ferris music industry management sophomore Jessica McLean said, “I’m pretty excited to see what Kina Grannis will release this year. She is due for another album and I know she’ll release something great. She’s a wonderful example of an independent artist.”

Paper Lions
Canadian quartet Paper Lions seem poised to take the next step after a few years of modest success, including East Coast Music Awards nominations and a Vancouver Olympics performance. Ferris music industry management sophomore Travis Hodder said, “The entire EP is very similar to Mumford & Sons, although much more upbeat. Considering the current popularity of Mumford & Sons, I don’t feel it would be a stretch to say that Paper Lions could enjoy equal success in the coming year.”

Sky Ferreira
The basics of Sky Ferreira’s story will sound very similar to Charli XCX’s: talented, touted twenty year old has highly acclaimed EP and single, is set to blow up with a 2013 debut album. Having had her television debut only a few ago, Ferreira still has a ways to go, but all the pieces are in place to make her one of the next indie/mainstream pop darlings.

Azelia Banks
Banks is the first of many artists on this list, following up buzz-garnering EPs with a debut full length in 2013 (“Broke With Expensive Taste”). Dynamic and opinionated with killer flow and a vicious tongue, the 21 year old out of Harlem makes news with antics both on mic and off (including a feud with up-and-comer Angel Haze) in a “no publicity is bad publicity” manner, and is set to completely infiltrate mainstream music, if she hasn’t already.

Frank Ocean may have been 2012’s R&B breakout, but Miguel wasn’t far behind with “Kaleidoscope Dream,” which secretly garnered just as much critical acclaim as “Channel Orange.” While only three months out from “Dream” and the possibility of any 2013 material unknown, a single catching fire on the radio isn’t at all unlikely.

A trendy pick for a breakout band with a nigh-unstoppable resume, Haim is a young Los Angeles four piece (three of whom are sisters) making the kind of indie pop that listeners will eat up.

Charli XCX
Only twenty years old, England’s Charlotte Aitchison is poised to blow up when her debut album finally comes out. Often compared to such accomplished, talented artists as Robyn and Lykke Li and mastering a goth-infused pop similar to that of Zola Jesus, Charli XCX already has a hold on the hearts of many in the indie scene, and that number could skyrocket should the album deliver.