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Users are flocking away from Facebook

The number of Americans who use Facebook decreased by 1.4 million in early December, according to SocialBakers, a social media monitoring company.

For the remaining 167 million active users, Facebook is far from dead. But such a massive shift away is something of concern to the social networking giant.

The reason behind such drop could be attributed to the holidays and users spending more time with family and friends and not online.

Other reasons may be because of more moves by Facebook to monetize with increased advertising and other new fees. One of these includes charging users to send a message to individuals outside their friends list or for promoting posts for more users to see.

Facebook, with a 54 percent share of the market in the U.S., does explain that a slowdown in growth was going to be inevitable. But for a site that recently went public on the stock exchange, Facebook will need to continue to innovate in order to keep users around and new ones coming.