What happened?

The days of no worrying have come and gone. As a child I was free. Free of worry. Death could not catch me. If somebody told me to climb a tree, I climbed then jumped, never thinking about breaking a bone.

I ran. I jumped. I lived. What happened to this free-loving girl? She is still here, but her surroundings have become surreal.

The world we live in is full of tragedy, yet there is still a lot of love. It seems we all see the bad and not the good anymore like we did as children.

We are more aware of the dangers: illness, guns, bombs, Mother Nature. Our world is currently filled with hatred because we are in an undecided state about gun control. Aren’t guns supposed to catch meat for dinner? Or help protect us? Instead, people have used guns to kill other people.

This is nothing like I imagined how adulthood would be growing up. I want to feel safe walking alone down the road. Instead I hear of shootings, abductions and rape. How am I supposed to feel safe?

What happened to our world? My dad hitchhiked when he was my age. That’s unimaginable now; you never know what could happen.

All we hear on the news right now is about the gun control debate. Is taking away the right to bear arms really the answer? It is not just guns that are the problem. Our society has changed a lot. There has to be a deeper meaning to the disturbance.

Are we excited by the violence we see in movies or on TV? Do we only care to get a thrill from such acts? What happened to enjoying each other’s company over a cup of coffee in the comfort of our own home?

It’s awful I feel this way. I want to be a kid again and not worry. I want the world to go back in time. I want to make this stop. But how? How can one person make a difference? Whatever it may be, I want to make sure that when I have children one day they can feel how I felt: carefree.

We need to enjoy the small things in life and focus on the details instead of the big picture. We will accomplish nothing if we don’t start small.