Excellence in action

Ferris senior finalist in national competition

“I want my career to mean something.”

Elizabeth Michalski, Ferris senior in public relations, has excelled.

After switching her major six times (before officially stepping foot on campus),

Michalski finally decided on public relations by her mother’s insistence.

“She was right. I will never live it down. I ended up in public relations and I love it,” Michalski said.

Michalski was a top-five finalist for Public Relations Week Student of the Year, a national competition.

On Jan. 18, Michalski flew to New York to present her public relations campaign to the Marine Corp. Recruiting Command. The initial campaign was created for Dr. Patrick Bishop’s public relations case class, but instead turned into a real life opportunity.

“Once I got there and I walked into that boardroom, it kind of cemented everything that I’ve been doing and made me realize this is what I want to do,” Michalski said. “I love public relations. I love everything about it. It was a cool experience and I am incredibly honored that I was chosen to represent our program.”

Bishop, public relations program professor, is proud of the accomplishments Michalski has attained.

“Liz is an exceptional student; among the best to go through the program,” Bishop said. “She has worked hard and has excellent experience through internships, jobs and being a national finalist for Public Relations Week Student of the Year.”

But her achievements do not stop there. Not only is she vice president of client relations in Public Relations Student Society of America, but she created her own internship with her hometown of Cass City.

Once again, it started out as just an assignment for one of Bishop’s classes, but after doing all the paperwork, Michalski decided to partner with the Cass City Chamber of Commerce and promote Pinktober, a month-long event to raise breast cancer awareness.

She did all of the public relations, assisted with event planning, all of the social media and media relations for Pinktober. On weekends, she would drive home to help execute the events.

After the internship, Michalski finally figured out exactly what she wanted to do.

“I always knew that I wanted to do something that made a difference. I always wanted to make sure that my legacy was a positive one. Doing this really did help open up my eyes to see that doing something with a giant media corporation isn’t necessarily going to leave as positive of a footstep on the world,” Michalski said.

Her dream job is to work for the American Cancer Society. She is currently pursuing a job shadow that she hopes will lead to more in the future.

“I’m slowly going to edge my way in, whether they like me there or not,” Michalski said.

Bishop said, “It’s going to be fun to see where Liz goes with her career; she’s going to do great things.”

Michalski boasted about Ferris’ public relations program and how it is the only one in the nation based in business. She prides herself for loving what she does.

“If you do what you love, you will never have to work a day in your life. That is my favorite thing about public relations.”