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The future of Netflix is getting even fresher

Netflix Instant Watch is normally a library of B-movies, indie films and some select big-budget films.

But Netflix is starting to expand its collection by producing its own content. Chief content officer for Netflix remarked that their goal “is to become HBO faster than HBO can become us.”

The new original content includes David Fincher’s drama “House of Cards” about the hidden world of Washington politics and Eli Roth’s horror/thriller “Hemlock Grove” (sadly, not about our local Hemlock Park).

An upcoming Instant Watch exclusive coming down the pipelines is the highly anticipated fourth season of Arrested Development in May. The critically acclaimed program that many feel was cancelled before its time will be given a second chance online.

The future of Netflix is to produce five original series a year as well to host content from other studios. Cable television and the way things are currently set up shows a shift away from physical media or live programming to all online content.