The making of One Ferris student’s very real TV dream

The dream of creating a great television series is more easily achievable than ever, and one Ferris student is making it happen.

Dejujuan Nelson is more than just a junior in criminal justice. He’s a young man (only 20 years old) who is full of ideas and already an established business owner as CEO of DNelson Motorsports; Nelson is now looking to expand his reach into the realm of television.

Aided by his past business experiences and the connections he’s made through those ventures, in addition to being inspired by the Canadian television series “Flashpoint,” Nelson is now crafting “Pursuit: The Series.”

“Pursuit” is a half hour drama focusing on the lives of a five-person federal SWAT team assigned to a financially-troubled metropolitan area and the balancing of their duties on both a national scale and a city-wide scale.

Nelson looks to make the show a more singular viewing experience by establishing an emotional tenor for the “bad guys” on the city level. He wants to show why their lives have pushed them to crime and to create an understanding, a type of empathy.

On this, he said, “Something in their life isn’t going right… The show is really going to dive into that and diversify the ‘bad guys.’”

The project is Nelson’s baby. When speaking of his role, he said, “Personally, I’ve taken on as many tasks as I can take on without a specialist in a certain area. I’m one of the main actors in it. I do a lot. Producer, director, I do it all.”

This is no pipe dream, either. Nelson has already set up his production company, CS Production, has put together a crew and owns a good amount of the necessary equipment already. He has also looked into the permits necessary for shooting the series, which he plans to do within the Mecosta County area.

“I think this will be the perfect area. I have the mix of both country roads and the complete city,” Nelson said.

Distribution of “Pursuit” is also in the process. CSProductionStudios.com, the company’s website in the making, will hopefully feature things any TV channel would: Full episodes, clips, sneak peeks and more. He is also working with an online television channel for the rights to air the show.

This is only the beginning for Nelson, who plans on having even more projects in CS Production’s future.

“We’re going to be looking out to other things, other specialties out there, and put everything together on our website,” Nelson said.

Nelson plans on shooting the show in the next few months, should all things fall into place as he plans. It looks to be one of the more unique projects put together by a current Ferris student. He has the resolve and the resumé to make believers of this idea, and later this year we just may have a show to watch that looks more than a little familiar to Mecosta County residents.