Who needs Valentine’s Day?

Why use one day to celebrate something that should always be celebrated?

It’s that time again: The day that some of us celebrate, some of us avoid and some of us hate.

You find those people who mark it down in their calendars by putting a ridiculous number of hearts and exclamation points on the date. Then you find the people who say, “What holiday? It’s really just an excuse to have to buy something for someone, anyways.”

Unless you have someone when this day comes around, you just feel lonely watching everyone else receive flowers, stuffed animals, chocolates and love notes explaining why they are special, while you sit there and make plans in your head to watch a movie by yourself.

I’ve been there. I’ve been on both ends of the Valentine’s Day spectrum. Of course I like receiving gifts that make me feel special, but being alone really isn’t that bad. You don’t have to get caught up in the day that was designed to make the people who are alone feel lonely, or the day that gives couples the excuse to celebrate their relationship.

First of all, if you’re in a relationship currently, I think it should always be a celebration. I don’t think couples should use only Valentine’s Day to make the other person feel special. I think gestures that happen specifically on Valentine’s Day should be a random and often occurrence in a relationship.

I mean, if you’re with that person you think they’re special then, right? I think it should be shown often, and not saved for just one day. I’m not talking about buying more flowers and chocolates, but hand-written notes and setting aside time to spend with one another is key.

I know a boy who leaves a Post-it note for a girl under a table during class. This girl comes into the classroom later in the day for a different class and sits in the exact same seat. She finds these notes often, and the expression she shows each time is priceless.

They are only little gestures of affection, but the amount of what they mean to her is shown by a simple, uncontrollable smile. What I like about seeing this is even though each day is just a normal day, he makes hers special by leaving little notes to let her know he’s thinking about her. I think everyone could learn a little something from this guy.

And if you’re alone for Valentine’s Day, don’t let it get you down. Celebrate you. Buy yourself something nice! After all, Valentine’s Day is a day that we celebrate love, and if that love is for yourself, I’m not judging. More power to you.