Ferris Trolls

New Ferris show pranks students

A few seniors in the television and digital media production program are out to get students.

As of Sunday, YouTube video “Ferris Trolls: The Sneeze” had almost 3,000 views. Anyone who frequented the Interdisciplinary Resource Center on the day of filming likely saw the cameras set up, though it’s possible they thought they were simply for Ferris in Focus’ “Question of the Day,” and didn’t see Ferris music industry management senior Zach Rokosz spray bottle-sneezing various people.

The video is the first episode in a series that will run until the end of the year. The project originated with Ferris seniors in television and digital media production Sam Sanders and Brandon Owczarzak, who then proposed it to their TV Production 499 class for the class to produce this semester. The class hopped on the idea, and now a new video produced by different students will be released every week for the rest of the semester.

A lot of thought and work goes into these short videos. An idea must be pitched to the class (Owczarzak’s sneeze idea was initially a tough sell) before being sent to host Rokosz, who then works with that week’s producer to film the video.

They have to consider the consequences and safety of the pranker as well, while still making sure, as Sanders said, the prank is “as simple and funny as possible.”

Don’t expect to be able to see when it’s coming, though. The Ferris Trolls have anticipated the videos’ viewers’ suspicion and have planned for it. A rotating cast of participants and other deceptions will be used to keep people guessing. Students can keep an eye out for a sneezing Rokosz, but that won’t do them any good.

On this, Owczarzak said, “Zach will always be host,” but they’re going to “downplay his role.”

What started as the fun-idea-turned-real-achievement of Sanders and Owczarzak will be evolving. Though they will continue to act as supervisors of sorts for the project, the videos will be in the hands of new producers each week as TV Production 499 students take turns running scene.

As for what the prankers are getting out of this, Owczarzak said, “I just really enjoy seeing people’s reactions when we’re pranking them.”

Ferris Trolls will continue to have their fun until the end of the semester, but after that, they say it’s up to next year’s class to continue the fun. Until then, though, the Trolls can be found on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter as they have their fun at the expense of Ferris people —both on campus and off.

Check out Ferris Trolls: