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Facebook Graph Search raises the stakes when it comes to online creeping

When it comes to Facebook, basically everyone can admit that one of their hobbies on the massive social media website is creeping through various profiles.

Facebook is now making that process even easier with Graph Search.

Billed as a “social discovery engine,” it remains a search engine at heart with many more added features.

For example, looking to find a new woman and BangWithFriends hasn’t turned up any hookups? Try searching for “women who go to Ferris State and are not in a relationship,” and Facebook will give you everyone who fits that categorization. This search query also goes beyond the bounds of friends-of-friends to find new people you probably haven’t even met before.

Graph Search is currently available only as a beta that requires users to sign up for a waiting list. With my own short time with having Graph Search, the power available to such a website is staggering. The ability to search for locations your friends have traveled or photos your friends have taken in certain places will allow you to research vacation locales.

And for those fearful about Graph Search revealing information you’d rather not share to anonymous individuals, fear not. Privacy settings are still enforced when it comes to search results.

The amount of information Facebook possesses on every member is a tool that is only starting to be harnessed.