U.S. Postal Service restructuring mail delivery

Students not worried about USPS cutting back on delivery change

Ferris students shouldn’t lose too much sleep over the U.S. Postal Service’s switch to a five-day mail delivery schedule to take place on Aug. 5, 2013.

Letters, magazines and some small parcels will no longer be delivered to addresses on Saturdays. Packages and prescription medication delivery will not be affected, according to the Postal Service’s web page.

Research conducted by the Postal Service and independent news outlets has indicated seven out of 10 Americans support the plan.

A miniature poll was conducted on campus to gauge the impact upon students. Surveys were filled out by 20 students. Each survey asked students how many letters, packages and prescriptions they receive on a weekly basis. The survey found that 19 of 20 participants receive zero to three letters and parcels weekly. No students reported receiving mail-order prescriptions.

Ferris State mail sorting center employee Tarah Ronk said the changes will not impact policy or mail operations on campus, stating that the facility does not operate on the weekend and all Saturday deliveries are carried over to Monday.

The change is designed to reflect changing mail habits and financial realities, citing 14 percent growth in package volume and a $15.9 billion loss in the last fiscal year, according to General Postmaster Pat Donahue. The Postal Service recently defaulted on its $11.1 billion retiree health plan. The change will save $2 billion annually.

Those with P.O. boxes will still enjoy six-day delivery on all mail.