What did you do for Valentine’s Day?

Or what is your most memorable Valentine’s Day experience?

Caleb Schultz
Sophomore, pre-pharmacy

“As part of our celebration of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to treat my wonderful girlfriend out to eat. In my thought process of choosing the right place, I decided to take her somewhere neither one of us has been before. Vivo restaurant in Big Rapids ended up being my selection. I also got her a bunch of chocolates, flowers and a teddy bear, and we watched a movie.

”Megan Knight
Sophomore, environmental biology

“I didn’t get to see my Valentine until almost 10 p.m., but I got cute texts all day long. It was snowing when he brought me my gift. I got a Love Story Lily plant, which is really cute because I work in the greenhouse.”

Veronica Dodd
Senior, public relations

“I went to the Red Wings versus the Kings game with my boyfriend on the 10th. I surprised him with tickets. We were seventh row.”

Sadie Welch
Senior, integrated studies

“My husband is in the Air Force and I got flowers the day of Valentine’s Day and they were the wrong ones. I also got plane tickets to go visit him in Texas. The next day he made sure I got the right set of flowers.”