Impactful experience

I could not imagine what life would be like without the educators I’ve had in my life. Most of these people were my teachers in school.

One particular teacher who stands out was my music teacher, who always believed in me.

I was in the fifth grade and tried out for a solo for our spring performance. Now, let’s set something straight. I love to sing, but I do not sing the best. I do not consider myself a singer; I am the one who thinks I sound good singing in the shower and alone in my car, but that is it.

Fifth grade was well over 12 years ago, but to this day I know that the day my teacher believed in me was the day my life changed.

I auditioned for this solo, which was thrilling and nerve racking. I would have to be taught the words and, most importantly, how to have a good pitch. Nonetheless, I would have to perform in front of people. I was shy back then in front of crowds.

This solo was the start of many great things that happened in my life. I already had a love for music, but this made my heart grow fonder. I moved on to middle school and participated in band for the next seven years. I was able to participate in competitions as a soloist, an ensemble and reach high achievements I never thought possible.

I was section leader for two years and finished high school as one of two drum majors. I became a band nerd and was very proud to be one. I had a passion, and instead of being afraid in front of complete strangers, I became extremely comfortable.

I still have a love for music and think that the one solo way back when has helped shaped who I am today. If I had never taken the step to audition, would I have ever been involved in band and impacted by the experience of music?

Looking back, I know things happen for a reason. I took that step which opened up doors years down the road, never really knowing that would be possible.

Don’t be afraid to take that big step in life; you never know what is at the top.